Welcome to Raven Dao

A place to learn and grow within the Web-3/Crypto environment


    We have a lot on our minds. Here is the overall picture to capture the current part of our journey.

    Phase 1: Initalization

    - Geoffrey's Behind the Scenes of NFT Trading Course

    - Launch our first preliminary token

    - Social Media Launched

    - Token Whitepaper Creation

    Phase 2: Development

    - Convert to actual Ethereum Token

    - Collaboration with other clubs/organizations (for tokens)

    - Discord (Alpha) Group Launched

    - Connor’s Blockchain Technology Course

    Phase 3: Expansion
    - Crypto trading competition
    - Merchandise Redemption
    - Founder's party
    - Future token creations for supporters

    Our Leaders

    Experience ranging from NFT trading to managing DAO funds to programming DAPPS and Smart Contracts

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