Welcome to Raven Dao

A place to learn and grow within the Web-3/Crypto environment


    We have a lot on our minds. Here is the overall picture to capture the current part of our journey.

    Phase 1: Initalization

    - Geoffrey's Behind the Scenes of NFT Trading Course

    - Launch our first preliminary token

    - Social Media Launched

    - Token Whitepaper Creation

    Phase 2: Development

    - Convert to actual Ethereum Token

    - Collaboration with other clubs/organizations (for tokens)

    - Discord (Alpha) Group Launched

    - Connor’s Blockchain Technology Course

    Phase 3: Expansion
    - Crypto trading competition
    - Merchandise Redemption
    - Founder's party
    - Future token creations for supporters

    Current Projects

    Learning, Trading, Building, Socializing... Raven Dao has it all.

    Full Whitepaper

    The official Raven Dao whitepaper, detailing the events, rewards, and timelines within our club

    Our Leaders

    Experience ranging from NFT trading to managing DAO funds to programming DAPPS and Smart Contracts

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